Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Waterproofed & Worry-Free

I live in brogues and oxfords. 'Uniform dressing' allows me to allot all creative thinking time to my work. All clothes, shoes, and bags are on regular rotation, which means I really do invest in the pieces that I buy. I used to buy a pair of brogues at least once a year because I wear each pair out so bad. Not just because of rainwater, but also because of ink and paint splatters!!! AAhhhhh. Parting with a favorite pair is always a painful process. :P

When I learned about Collonil Waterproofing spray, I ordered one right away! Collonil is a German brand that's been around since the early 1900's, and they specialize in products for leather and textile care. I kinda went waterproofing-crazy; brought out all my favorite shoes and sprayed on all of them! I swear, it's like magic. I don't have to worry about spilling paint or ink on my leather loves!

It's a no-brainer thing to apply: you just lay your shoes on some newspaper (to protect your flooring!), then spray a coating or two all over the shoes, and let it dry for a few minutes. It worked perfectly, even for these suede brogues! Afterwards, all liquids-- water, ink, paint, drinks, or food that falls on your shoes will just slide off.

For my super favorite brown shoes, I used their leather cleaning foam to remove the ink splatters. Worn in, but (finally) stain-free!

And my white gumsole Vans can now see cloudy & rainy days. It's such a relief to not have to worry about getting them wet and dirty! You just need to re-spray the waterproofer after about 8 wears. A bottle of this Waterproof Spray is P1,095. I went all-out and sprayed on the covers of my Moleskine notebooks as well! :)


Online store:
Check to see videos of waterproofing tests! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Workshop Schedule


Modern Calligraphy + Gold Leafing

Learn pointed pen calligraphy tailored to fit your own handwriting!

Workshop fee is P2500 inclusive of the workshop kit with:
- Wooden Straight Nib holder- Oblique Nib holder
- Three (3) flexible nibs
- A Bottle of Calligraphy Ink
- Practice Guides
- Materials for Gold Leafing
- snacks & refreshments

Upcoming Dates:
September 12, Saturday, 3-6pm @ I Am Kim - Estancia Mall, Pasig
September 16, Wednesday, 6-9pm @ Prism Gallery Makati
September 20, Sunday, 9am-12nn @ Pipino QC

- - - - - - - - - -

Watercolor Basics
Learn basic Watercolor techniques, with a focus on birds and small animals.

Workshop fee is P2950 and is inclusive of a workshop kit with:
- Sakura Koi Watercolor Set (24 colors)
- fine watercolor brushes
- watercolor paper
- snacks & refreshments

Upcoming Dates:
September 5, Saturday, 9am-12nn @ Hillside Cafe QC

 - - - - - -

Botanical Watercolor 

Learn basic botanical painting in this watercolor class focused on flowers and leaves. Get to know your paints and learn how to mix colors better. Create motifs and monograms to help you get started on creating designs for commercial use. The first two workshops sold out in a day, so I've opened a new class!

Workshop fee is P2850 and is inclusive of a workshop kit with:
- Winsor & Newton Watercolor set (12 colors)
- professional quality watercolor brushes
- watercolor paper
- snacks & refreshments

Upcoming Dates: 
September 19, Saturday, 9am-12nn @ Hillside Cafe QC
September 27, Sunday, 3-6pm @ I Am Kim - Estancia Mall, Pasig

 - - - - - -

Watercolor Lettering 

Play with an assortment of brushes (flat, round, mop) and practice various lettering techniques. Learn typography basics and specific watercolor techniques to help you create your own watercolored typeface!

Workshop fee is P2750 and is inclusive of a workshop kit with:
- Dr. Ph Martin's Radiant Watercolor
- fine watercolor brushes
- watercolor paper
- lettering supplies
- snacks & refreshments

Upcoming Dates:
September 6, Sunday, 9am-12nn @ Hillside Cafe QC

- - - - - - - - - 

See you in class!;)


After two years, Mansy, Mikko, MacyNica, and I have finally decided to organize another Craft Camp! The five of us will be your camp facilitators and workshop instructors during this chill crafty weekend out of town.

We found the perfect spot: a beautiful beach house in La Union.

Aimed to bring together individuals who love making things with their hands, Craft Camp PH will awaken your love for handmade with capsule sessions on a weekend by the beach.

Our new logo which I drew in pencil first, then later on inked, and digitized!

 Mark your calendars for October 17-18. Sign up for the mailing list, and be the first to know about signups and registration:

Friday, August 14, 2015

Petal by Petal Patience

I don't have to go far to look for botanical inspiration. Our restaurant Hillside is surrounded by so much beautiful greens--decorative plants, flowers, herbs, succulents!

It's located right inside Cedar Hills Garden Center along Mother Ignacia Ave, QC.

Sometimes, I go out and walk around just to search for something to paint. :P

Decided to paint a rose cactus.  I documented my process so that I can teach this at the next Botanical Watercolor Workshop!

I start off with preparing the palette:
Phthalo Blue + a bit of Viridian, Red + a bit of Brown, Lemon Yellow, Sap Green

Then I lightly sketch the shape.

I just did the wet-on-wet technique on each petal, skipping around the cactus so that the colors don't bleed into each other. With that technique, I didn't have to paint the details over, because I already put enough dark color on each petal's edge to act as its 'outline'.

I used Winsor & Newton Cotman paint for this, and the small #1 round brush that comes with the kit. It's the same paint that I include in the workshop. 

I'll be teaching two Botanical Watercolor workshops this September!

Sept 19, Saturday, 9am-12nn at Hillside QC
Sept 27, Sunday, 3-6pm at I Am Kim Estancia Mall, Meralco Ave, Pasig


PS. To those who have already taken this class, please check your e-mail inbox! ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Write with White!

Write with White
a free mini workshop

Friday, 7 August 2015
Bungalow300 Popup @ Alabang Town Center

Photo credit: Bungalow300

Thanks to everyone who came out to play (with nibs, ink and paper) last Friday. Special thanks to for featuring the event, on their site, too!

 I had to close online registration early because there were so many signups already (over 400!) for this little workshop :P To make sure that registration flow would be smooth, I made stickers for each workshop batch.

Although it was a free workshop, participants got to take home some freebies!

The first 24 participants got to take home a free workshop zine. EVERYONE got a free nib & black paper (thanks to CraftCarrot, who also had a pop-up store during the event), and a small tub of white ink from me!:P

Photo credit: Bungalow300

Taught a total of 4 classes (hands-on style!), with over 80 students that day.

Want to join future events like this?

Saturday was another full Calligraphy day! I taught a morning calligraphy workshop at Pipino.

The class covers modern caligraphy basics + a quick gold leafing activity!

In the afternoon, I taught a Dipped Pen Doodles class.

It was a super relaxing afternoon -- no pressure to write letters! But I did teach some basic drawing, and then we all mixed our own inks.

 Veggie burger snack from Pipino!

Check out the students' amazing works!

If you'd like to join an upcoming Calligraphy workshop (complete with an awesome calligraphy kit), sign up at :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today is a Great Day to Begin

Not many people know this, but when I started LifeAfterBreakfast years ago, I kept it as a private blog for 4 whole months. I created this as a commitment to creativity---my personal project. We all know that the beginning is always the shaky part. I wanted to make sure that this was something I could stick to, so I kept it to myself first. In those 4 months, I "holed up" in the process of just creating and experimenting, and I learned a lot about my own strengths & weaknesses.

There are those who want to declare their personal projects publicly so that they have 'witnesses' to their promise. Maybe that pushes them to keep going. But why place unnecessary, added pressure, when the thought of beginning something is already pressure in itself? You don't always have to share everything that you start. Sometimes, the sharing bit can even limit the creative process (what will others think? how many likes will this get?). Remember, this is your process, and your journey. Not anyone else's.

In private, gather your material, and document your development. Put it out there when there has been progress already. When there is already a consistent theme. When there is something to see. When there is something worth seeing. When I made this blog public, I already had 50 previous posts readers could read through.

But it's also important to have a goal, and to define a project's purpose. If learning is the only goal, then maybe it can stay in private. If sharing your work is part of the goal, then create work that is worth sharing. The creative process (learning & making) is a huge part of the reason why you create, but it should not end there. I personally believe that as makers, we all have to be responsible for what we put out into the world! Create beautiful things. Make crafts, not crap. Your works should be pang-Etsy, not panget-sy. :P

Have that purpose and goal, not for the world to know, but for you to believe in and hold on to when there are doubts and challenges and monsters in your head (and sometimes, around you :P). Whatever it may be, just begin. :)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Peek into the Process: Watercolored Rose

I recently documented my watercolor processes for my new Workshop Zines (read: upgraded handouts!). Below are two step-by-step photos from the Botanical Watercolor module. The first is the wet-on-wet technique applied to a single petal, and the second is its application on an entire flower, petal by petal.

I've opened a new Botanical Watercolor Workshop class for August 16. (The other classes have already sold out!) You may sign up at :)

Follow-Your-Art Friday: Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar

My cousins and I love getting together over good, healthy food. Whenever we travel together, we always make it a point to dine out...and dine well. :P Cool dessert places, lining up for cruffins on cold mornings, Michelin-starred restaurants, organic cafes by the beach... Noelle and I have our Ates Ria, Ricci, & Rizza (who are all based in the US) to thank for exposing us to this art of living well. We all get together for a few weeks about twice a year, sometimes more, and every time, we never fail to talk about our dreams. Future collabs. Design projects. Product lines. We have a long *mental* list. Oh, if only we all lived closer to each other.

Luckily, we were able to spend lots of cousin-time (with Tita Ditas!) during our trip to Siargao and Lake Sebu. We were island hopping---and still talking about our dreams :P ---when we really decided to push thru with one plan: a healthy and organic restaurant.

PJ had been eyeing a spot already, and we thought the timing was just perfect. With the help of Chef Raydel & the Pino group, and even more cousins (Hi, Tobit & Nico!), the Manila-contingent cousins, Noelle, Ralph, PJ and I, put up Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar along Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City. A little trivia: we decided to call it Hillside because we are Hilario cousins. Coincidentally, the place is located inside CedarHills Garden Center! Everything just fell into place. :) 

Marble table tops, white brick wall, macramé wall hanging, stamped wall pattern, green surroundings. Stuff that our artsy dreams are made of...and now they've come true!

Cold-pressed juices & Comfort food.

Natural  |  Fresh  |  Local  |  Sustainable  |  Organic  |  Whole

We even have a little library filled with our favorite magazines, healthy recipe books, and our Monocle subscription. Guests are welcome to pick their read while they dine.

Wellness shots (with hand-stamped labels) that serve as energy boosters.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.
- Hippocrates

A rainbow of Detox Juices made fresh daily

Superfood Smoothies that are better, yummier, and more nutritious than any summer shake you've ever had!

This month, we've teamed up with two more guys who are also crazy-passionate about good food: PJ's highschool buddies Chefs Niño Laus and Isaac Bravo of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine in Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights. When passionate people unite, the possibilities are exponential!

Chefs Niño and Isaac created six new reasons why you must plan your next visit to Hillside :)

with mussel emulsion, organic baby arugula relish and agli olio pasta

glazed with miso, set on a bed of organic arugula drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with beancurd chicharon

braised corned beef short ribs , polenta, and buttered vegetables

with mashed sweet potato, tapenade, soy-honey sauce, and roasted vegetables

with cassoulet of chickpeas, edamame and sweet corn, set on zucchini spaghetti aglio olio

with organic fried rice, pumpkin sour cream sauce, and roasted miso roasted vegetables 

Good food = Good life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar
at CedarHills Garden Center
#57 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City
between Sct. De Guia & Sct. Dr. Lazcano
(beside St. Mary's College & Crossfit Infinitas)

Open DAILY, 11:30am-9pm

Call (02) 374-1117 for table reservations & food pick-up / (02) 87878 for delivery