Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Creative Weekend in Davao

I'm so excited to head back to Davao at the end of the month for a bunch of workshops :)

Join me for one amazing and creative weekend of Pattern & Print and Scripts & Serifs!

Choose from any of the workshops, or sign-up for all!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Travel Diary: An Empty Day to Create and Dream

P a s t   m o u n t a i n   l a y e r s

d e e p   i n t o   a   s e a   o f   c o c o n u t   t r e e s 

f o r

---  a  m u c h  n e e d e d

C R E A T I V E   R E T R E A T .

I try to balance long and blurry work days 
by stepping out and doing something worth remembering

by being quiet, so that I can hear my thoughts.

The ocean never fails to humble

and put you in place.

Nature's trash is this woman's treasure ;)

Picked up some driftwood for crafting later on.

A beautiful camp site was set up for us at Easy Adventure Baler

Thick mattresses and crisp sheets will shift any of your camping hesitations :P

Restrooms are super clean and airy, but still private.

With nothing planned for the day, I brought out my bag of craft materials.
Started working on a new macramé piece, with the sea as my backdrop.

The repetitive knots of macramé are so meditative, and freeform patterns allow you to be as creative or symmetrical as you want to be. You take it one row at a time, and for a few hours, focus on nothing but the work of your hands.

I'll be teaching macramé crafts at West Elm on March 5. We'll be knotting rope to make textile for beautiful wall hangings.

And of course, what's an out-of-town trip without some craft shopping?

Stopped by the stalls along the main highway to take home some baskets and this rainbow walis! Perfect colors to define how one feels after a refreshing time-out trip. :)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Workshop Schedule

Craft Workshops in Manila

(and occasionally in other parts of the Philippines, and the world!:P)

Workshops are one-day intensive courses, and are open to beginners, "non-artists", or those looking to develop their art skills. All materials, kits, and snacks are included in the workshops.

Scroll down to see the list of Workshops & Upcoming Schedules


Watercolored Type

Play with an assortment of brushes (flat, round, mop) and practice Script & Serif lettering techniques. Learn typography basics and specific watercolor techniques to help you create your own watercolored typeface!

Workshop fee is P2750 and is inclusive of a workshop kit with:
- Sakura Koi 24 color set
- fine watercolor brushes
- watercolor paper
- lettering supplies
- snacks & refreshments

Upcoming Dates:
March 13, Sunday, 2-5pm @ Pottery Barn @ Central Square BGC


White and Gold Calligraphy 
and Botanical Doodles Workshop

Learn how to mix your own white ink. Write with gold finetec. Develop your own calligraphy style, and learn how to create botanical doodles using the calligraphy pen!

Each participant gets an oblique carrot nib holder locally made by The Curious Artisan.

Workshop fee is P3500, inclusive of this special White & Gold Calligraphy Kit:

- Resin Carrot Nib Holder locally made by The Curious Artisan
- Dr. Ph Martins Bleed Proof White (full size)
- Tachikawa G, Hunt 22B & Hunt 101 nibs
- Black & Gray Sketchpad
- Gold Finetec
- Ceramic dish
- Brush
- Glass Jars for mixing ink
- Zine & handouts
- Leather pen case
- meal & refreshments

April 2, Saturday, 2-5pm @ Breakfast&Pies The Grove C5 Pasig


Modern Calligraphy + Gold Leafing

Learn pointed pen calligraphy tailored to fit your own handwriting!

Workshop fee is P2500 inclusive of the workshop kit with:
- Wooden Straight Nib holder- Oblique Nib holder
- Three (3) flexible nibs
- A Bottle of Calligraphy Ink
- Practice Guides
- Materials for Gold Leafing
- snacks & refreshments

March 19, Saturday, 2-5pm @ Bungalow300 Alabang
March 20, Sunday, 3-6pm @ Hillside Cafe QC


Botanical Watercolor 

Learn basic botanical painting in this watercolor class focused on flowers and leaves. Get to know your paints and learn how to mix colors better. Create motifs and monograms to help you get started on creating designs for commercial use. The first two workshops sold out in a day, so I've opened a new class!

Workshop fee is P2850 and is inclusive of a workshop kit with:
- Winsor & Newton Watercolor set (12 colors)
- professional quality watercolor brushes
- watercolor paper
- snacks & refreshments

March 12, Saturday, 2-5pm @ Pottery Barn Estancia Mall, Pasig
March 19, Saturday, 9am-12nn @ Bungalow300 Alabang


Pattern Design

Learn about different design styles, spacing types, and layout orientation. Each participant will be able to create hand-drawn repeat patterns (square repeats and half-drop repeats), and patterns will be digitally printed on fabric in class, and after class through our printing partner. At the end of the class, students will get to take home A4 fabric prints perfect for small fabric crafts. As an additional workshop output, your patterns will also be printed on Totebags and Pouches, which will be sent to you via airmail after production.

Workshop fee is P2550 and is inclusive of workshop kit with:
- a set of A4 canvas sheets (for printing in class, and more to take home!)
- brush pen
- your final artwork printed on a Totebag & Pouch

April 16, Saturday, 4-6:30pm @ DesignWeekPhilippines Intramuros


Stamp Carving & Block Printing

Join this addicting world of carving! Create your own block stamps & use them for various craft projects--blocks can be printed on paper or textiles! Learn different layout orientations to create a variety of patterns, even with just one stamp.

Workshop fee is P2450 and is inclusive of a workshop kit with:
- Carving blocks
- Carving tools
- Drawing materials
- Fabric and Paper for stamping
- Multi-surface ink pad

April 17, Sunday, 2-5pm @ DesignWeekPhilippines Intramuros


Macramé Wall Art

Macramé is a form of textile-making with knots. Create your own pattern for wall decor!

Workshop fee is P1850 inclusive of :
- Cotton Rope
- Wooden rod / Frame
- Workshop zine

March 5, Saturday, 3-6pm @ West Elm Estancia Mall


See you in class!;)

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Goals

I was doing my usual goal-setting during some down-time on New Year's Day. I am grateful for so much in 2015, but looking at my list from last year, I see there is still much to be done. Some dreams don't make sense anymore, but others are ideas itching to see reality. All I did was refine the list, because I realize I don't want much for this year (naks, mature daw). So this 2016, this is my mantra:

Wishing you all a great year ahead!:)

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Best of 2015

They always say, "Count your blessings."
So here are the 15 things I'm grateful for in 2015!:)



JT Concert! #1 talaga?! Haha! It happened on New Year's Day in Vegas. This wasn't the first time I saw him perform live, but it was my first full JT concert (after many years of being a fan, and after sitting beside him in the hotel lounge for hours, per bawal magpa picture huhu)



I organized some artwork swaps this year. The fourth Craft Soirée was a Watercolor Swap with some of the most awesome watercolor artists in Manila. 

The 5th Craft Soirée was a Stamp Swap,
which was held during the Katipunan Art Festival. 

I made some wreath stamps and monograms for the art exchange!

It was held at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine

Thanks to Medium.ph and CraftCarrot.com for giving out carving blocks for all the participants!



In 2015, I taught a total of 80 workshops!!
I always try to improve the workshop kits. This year, I added better workshop zines for all the classes.
I also give out my custom pencils at the workshops!



Of the 80 workshops, I taught 3 in the US. This one was for Nomad Hotel and Eleven Madison Park. I also taught another round of classes at Makeshift Society SF and Brooklyn. 



A diy feature by FYI Network on Rubberstamps
plus features by Uppercase Magazine, Buzzfeed, and FemaleNetwork.com! 



The LifeAfterBreakfast x Oliver&Maude collaboration!
Made the sampaguita patterns and script monograms!



Collaboration with Havaianas!
Can't believe my design was printed on flip-flops! :)



The 2nd Craft Camp! 
This time, Mansy, Mikko, Macy, Nica and I headed to La Union for two whole days of crafting!



My macramé exhibit at Manila FAME



New food and interiors at PIPINO! This is my new fave combo: Tortang Talong (we used chickpeas instead of eggs) with Cauli-Rice, and Vegan Sinigang from scratch!
We added couches and plants
And I utilized the wall for my craft experiments and artworks :P One of my macramé pieces found its home here!



 Some of the wedding invitations that I designed this year. These were all for friends :P



My newest workshop in 2015 was the White & Gold Calligraphy class!
I really enjoy sharing my love for writing with white ink :P



When I find a beach as rocky as this, instead of feeling bummer out, I get super excited. Because it's an opportunity for coral hunting! I found 3 coral alphabets this year!





Travels to Bohol, Baler, Hong Kong, US, Bangkok, and Bicol.
Went to Disneyland twice this year (Anaheim & HK). I also loved visiting the Flower Market in Hong Kong!



Awesome new food at Hillside Cafe! We partnered with Chef Nino Laus, and he created new dishes for the resto :) Whenever PJ asks me where I want to eat, biases aside, I always seem to crave for Hillside food!:P