Saturday, July 19, 2014

L.A.B. in Mabuhay Magazine & Yahoo! Philippines

It definitely was a wonderful surprise when my friend messaged me about this bit on Mabuhay magazine's July 2014 issue. To those flying Philippine Airlines this month, do check it out!:) There are lots of other great features on art events and creative pursuits.

Thanks also to Rica de Ramos for featuring my upcoming Pattern Design workshop on the Yahoo! SHE site. There are still slots available for that class. Click here to join the Pattern Design & Fabric Crafts Workshop.

Praying for all those who have been affected by the recent typhoon in Manila and surrounding areas. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. Happy weekend, everyone!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Destination: Davao!

Spend your weekend at our pop-up craft shop at YellowHauz Cafe! Shop crafts and craft supplies for painting, stamping, calligraphy and lettering, and get a chance to join our free DIY Stationery session.

Join the crafting session, free with your purchase!
Play with stamps and make your own stationery sets.

I'll also be teaching an Intro to Calligraphy Workshop on July 19, 6-9pm!

Hope to see all the crafty Davao folk this weekend!:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

But first,...a Shellfie!

I've been spending the past couple of days with my cousins, and we're currently in Siargao, enjoying the laid-back island life. 

Out-of-town trips are one of my favourite times to experiment with new art materials.

This was a quick doodle using new pastel pencils and a black notebook, both from FullyBooked. I'll be holding workshops there soon, and will update this blog when I have the schedule.

I also experimented with these Lyra watercolored pencils. I've only tried watercolor pencils once before, when I was a kid, and maaaan they are so fun!!! I will definitely be integrating these pencils in my upcoming watercolor classes!

Painting on the beach! Always a good idea.

And I couldn't help it!! I just had to take a Shellfie. :P

Monday, June 30, 2014

Download: July 2014 Printable Calendar

A watercolored 'weather report' pattern + dirty typewriter font for the July calendar,
free for download here.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Coral-phabet

Hello from Bohol :)

Yesterday was the perfect beach day.
Finally, no more rainclouds!

We spent the day chilling and snorkeling in Balicasag Island,
which is an hour away by boat from Panglao.

The beach was lined with so many seashells and corals. Initially, I just wanted to collect shells to create a mandala, but when I picked up a coral that looked like the letter H, I thought...Challenge accepted. Haha :P So, I scaled the shore to search for letters to form the entire alphabet (and I have a burnt nape to prove it), realising in the end that the hardest letters to find are M and X.

Plucked from the millions of broken corals that dotted the sand, my coral-phabet. :P

A long makeshift swing facing the beach!
The people who live on this island are doin' it right.

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Watercolor Lettering Workshop

Hello, Weekend!
I try to make painting an early morning Saturday ritual. 

Currently been really into dirty typewriter fonts, so I decided to watercolour another alphabet using this oriental bamboo brush. In case you hadn't noticed, for lettering, I love using Dr. Ph Martin's concentrated water color ink. Three bottles of these will be included in the upcoming Watercolor Lettering workshops, including 5/0 liner brushes!

Fill up the form below to join the workshop!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mermaid Stamp Set

Summer is ending, but my long trips out of town are just about to begin. Thanks to visiting relatives and friends getting hitched, I have reason to escape and live on the beach for a bit.

A mermaid and with her friends: seahorse, starfish, and some seaweed.

Join this weekend's workshops!

You can view more stamps and other crafts that I make over at my Instagram page, @lifeafterbreakfastph (Yup, I updated my username already to match this blog). And speaking of Instragram, thanks to Regie of Imagemith for sending me this Instabook with my Instagram posts. I love how I have my photos in print! :)

They make for perfect gifts and keepsakes. 
Click here to have your own PictureBooks made.
(They even print the QR codes for each photo!)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

A quick doodle for all the daddies to say Happy Father's Day!
Thanks for always being there for me, Dad! I love you! :)
And to my father-in-law, Happy Father's Day, Papi! We miss you!

In and Out of the City

With workshops almost every Saturday and Sunday, I have to remind myself to off-set my weekends. Never-ending to-do lists make that almost impossible. Plus, I love what I do! :P But not having any breaks makes the weeks so toxic, especially when you work from home. It's so tempting to work even on the days when I'm supposed to be resting!

I recently discovered a solution to my problem: Run away from the city whenever I can! :P

Early this week, I went to Batangas with PJ, Tita Ditas and her friends during my 'offset weekend' and though I admit I still brought some work with me, it was nice to take beach breaks in between. On the way back, we went to check out secret gardens and our future secret garden.


Baby pineapple

We should plant fire trees everywhere. The single inversely-coloured petal of each flower makes it even more beautiful.

And what's a getaway without some crafting?
Made wooden stamp mount prototypes, and will be giving these out the Rubbercut Stamping workshops this weekend.
I love this machine that rotates the wood!

Wooden mount  with a 2x2" base, ready for a new stamp ;)

Back in the city, I visited my cousin Noelle's place, and she led me to the garden where we used to play when we were kids. She showed me the treehouse that she is building for her son Kai. This was our dream when we were kids!! (But we did get a giant bahay kubo playhouse.) Kai is so lucky! And I already made plans to set some craft dates with Noelle once the treehouse is done.

My husband PJ loves taking care of plants, and I decided to get in on it, but this time, starting from scratch. I bought some flower seeds and soil-less potting mix (perfect for condos, not muddy/messy at all), and after 5 days, my seeds have sprouted!

I planted Portulacas, Pansies, Phlox, and Liliputs! Can't wait for them to bloom, so impatient-me made stamps of the future flowers. Haha :P Clockwise from left: Pansy stamp & seeds; Liliput stamp & seeds, and at the bottom is a Phlox roller-stamp (with a paintbrush handle inserted) and seeds.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Download: June 2014 Printable Calendar

I've been enjoying watercolour layering with birds, experimenting with mixing colours by glazing. I always start by underpainting the birds' shapes like in the photo above.
I made three birds, but only decided to use two of them for the June 2014 Calendar.
By the way, do you see the flag? It's because I have a new domain!
Please update your bookmarks to :)
Download the June 2014 Printable Calendar here.