Monday, October 20, 2014

A Weekend of Design: DesignTalks at ManilaFAME and the Type Kita Exhibit

What an October it has been! I'm sure this month has been crazy busy for everyone else. I have been blessed with so many great opportunities this month, and am really grateful for all the work (and the support for my work!). One of the major things that happened this month was being a speaker at DesignTalks at ManilaFAME this year. For those who don't know, ManilaFAME is a biannual exhibition of Philippine-made products for export. It really is a must-see if you are a design-lover, and also if you simply just want to feel proud of the artisans of our country!

DesignTalks at ManilaFAME were held every afternoon of the trade show, with speakers from various design fields from all over the world. It was such an honor for me to be invited as one of the speakers on the last day, together with other awesome people!

Such a cozy setting for the DesignTalks!

I spoke about Crafts and Creativity,
focusing mainly on how EVERYONE (not just artists!) can live a creative life.

Photo Credit: DesignWeekPhilippines

Other amazing speakers included Colvin English of ByHand Consulting, Carl Mamawal of Nyfti Bicycles, Aisa Mijeno of SAlt, Joshua de la Llana of Tactiles, and Jen Horn of Tala Luna.

Photo Credit: DesignWeekPhilippines, except for last photo: by Patty Laurel-Filart

I can't thank these ladies enough! Thank you for being the best cheering squad!:P

Thanks also to Ate Ria, Jojo, Tita Ditas, and of course, to my Mom and PJ! :)
Photo by Ria Faust of @Sugarcansf

Congratulations to the DesignWeek team for this amazing event! All the talks were free, too. When I was a student, I remember signing up for ALL the talks, seminars and workshops that I could find. I made it my mission to study, read ,and learn everything that I could about anything and everything about crafts and design. That inspired me to paint this word for last weekend's TypeKita Exhibit!

Watercolor Lettering using hydrus paint + masking fluid!

I missed out on a wonderful event, and was so jealous of everyone's posts on Instagram! But happy that I got a chance to sneak in just before the doors opened to the public! So many amazing works! 

Search for the hashtag, #TypeKita on Instagram to view more photos of the event.

Hope you all have an amazing week ahead!:)

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Stamped Life, A Craft Exhibit


I'm so excited and nervous! It's finally happening, my first craft exhibit
featuring my hand-carved stamps and prints.

I'll be there every afternoon!
Please do drop by and say hello!:)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Ampersand Collection by R2R

I'm what you would consider a uniform dresser (button down shirts & brogues or sneakers all day, errr-day), only because I don't like thinking about what to wear. I prefer to save the creative juices for work stuff, haha. Even with my accessories, they have to be basic, but with pops of color, so that I can mix and match them to brighten up my everyday 'uniforms'.

 This new collection from Rags2Riches answers all of my bag needs (and wants).
No bias, I swear. Go on, scroll down and drool.

(photo above from the R2R website)

The Ampersand Collection
by Rags2Riches

The collection's name is pure genius. Each design is dedicated to the multi-faceted woman. No slashies here, but AMPERSANDS. Because you are all of what you do, all at once. How do you beat that positivity? I love it!

Each design has at least two modes, so you can change the way your bag looks depending on your mood, or change its function depending on what you need!

(photo above from the R2R website)

I fell in love with the collection the first time I saw it at the Design Council's meeting in the R2R office. Was really excited to see what their super talented designer Chris would proceed with them. I really believe that it is their best collection to date. 

Oh, and did you see??? One of the bags is named ALESSA! Kiligz.

Each bag is named after a member of the R2R Design Council.

The bags with their namesakes:P
Alessa, Issa, Casey, Danella, and Arriane
together with designer Chris Cera, and R2R President (and superwoman!) Reese Fernandez-Ruiz

Congratulations on the super successful launch!

Gave out temporary tattoos during the launch, and of course, bought my own bag!:P

JOIN: Watercolor Lettering Workshop in Davao

Hello, craft lovers in Davao!
I'm holding a Watercolor Lettering Workshop on October 25!

(For Manila folk, there will be another class on November 9!)

It will be held at lovely Sea Green Cafe, which serves delicious comfort food.

Each participant will receive a craft kit, which includes, 3 bottles of Dr. Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors, Fine brushes (sizes 0 and 5/0, like the brushes that I used to draw these letters!), cold-pressed watercolor paper, and handouts.

This was done during our recent Watercolor Lettering class in FullyBooked BGC. Thanks to FatFingersPH for giving macaron packs to all of the participants!

Please fill up the form below to register.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Design TALKS at DesignWeekPhilippines

Join us on 19 October 2014 at SMX for the Design FORWARD talks! I'll be talking about the crafts I make and the workshops that I've organised since I started this blog in 2011. It's such an honor to be part of this year's panel of speakers, alongside other awesome creatives!

The event is free, but pre-registration is required.

To register, click the link below:

Do check out the other talks from October 16-19, during Manila FAME.

Hope to meet you there!:)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DOWNLOAD: October 2014 Printable Calendar

October is here!! This month marks LifeAfterBreakfast's 3rd birthday! There are so many events lined up this month, from workshops, to exhibits, to talks, to new restaurant openings. Just last weekend, I taught four (!!!!) workshops! Things have been crazy, so I turned back to one of my favourite crafts, rubber-cut stamps, to keep me zen, even for just a while. :P

I carved a brush alphabet (for instant brush calligraphy!), and I am so in love with it! Made a couple of other stamps, including this crane, and played with it to make some patterns. Cranes are a symbol of happiness, good fortune, and eternal youth, so I thought it would be perfect for this month's calendar, since October is my birth month as well! Haha!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Travel Diary: Back in Hong Kong

We landed in Hong Kong on Tuesday, right when storm signal no. 8 was over the island. Yup, we were on PR300 that morning, on which we experienced the scariest airplane descent. Even before we departed Manila, the Captain already warned us that landing would be turbulent, but no one expected that crazy rollercoaster ride on air! The plane began its descent, but the wind kept blowing it out of its path, rocking the plane side to side. Each drop was worse than the last, so the pilot decided to bring the plane back up to attempt another approach. Everyone was shaken, all left hanging, as to what was going to happen next. Would we try to land in Macau? Would we head back to Manila?

They announced that it would take 30 minutes or so before we could make another attempt to land. This is when I decided to bring out my little pocket sketchpad, and doodle a bit to relax myself.

After another rollercoaster-attempt to land, the plane finally touched the ground. And yes, it was THAT scary, that it made it to the local news.

Smiles of relief. Shaken, but definitely happy to be here.

PJ is actually here for work, but we flew a few days ahead for a mini vacation. First on the HK agenda was to check out our favourite spots: K-11 Design Mall and Homeless, where I got these fun wooden blocks!

Of course, no trip is complete without stopping by my fave resto, Life Cafe.

Love this restaurant on the steps in Soho!

Yesterday, we went to Corner Kitchen in Sheung Wan, and met up with Geneva of a pair and a spare. We had a love time chatting about the crafting scene over some coconut cake!

Earlier today, Geneva invited me to her studio to give her and her team a crash course on watercolour and calligraphy. I brought my personal art supplies to share :P

I always visit my favourites, but love discovering new restaurants, too! This boulangerie called Passion is just a couple of blocks away from our hotel, and they serve the most perfect blueberry danish. Thanks to Ding, Bud, and Don for taking me here. Now, I've got 24 more hours left in the city, so it's time to head out again!

Praying for better weather back home in the Philippines, and for everyone's safety as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Student

In keeping my promise to myself that I would dedicate September to learning, I joined the Inky Doodles workshop by GooglyGooeys, which was held in the HeyKessy Studio. I was a bit late for class (coming from my early morning Watercolored Tattoos workshop), so I wasn't able to take much photos of the studio. But later in the afternoon, I hung out for a bit with Mansy, Mikko and Macy at the HeyKessy Shop.

All you craft hoarders should check out their lovely store filled with craft supplies, and of course, washi tape! The HeyKessy Shop is at 71-B Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. They are open Wednesdays to Sundays, 11am-7pm.

Tippy allowed me to bring my own watercolor set, which was sort of cheating, because I'm so used to these pigments already. Looking back, I think I should have experimented with a new set of paints!

The process was familiar, but I was grateful for the chance to be a student, and just create, and learn with other students. I learned new and reaffirmed old techniques, and for a moment, forgot about everything in the world, except for my little flowers and leaves. :P

Since I'm not a fan of pencil marks, I just went ahead and painted blobs.

We let the paint dry, and then inked over the blobs using a calligraphy pen. I used the G nib for this.

Then we cut out all the images.

For my homework, since I wasn't able to finish everything in class (I kept standing up to talk to my friends, haha), I composed my little flower garden.

Double-sided tape layers made these watercolored blooms look like 3D! So fun. But tedious! Much respect for all the hard work the Googlygooeys do for each blog post they make! Thanks for letting me be a student for a day, Tippy! Like I said, my creative soul needed that. ;)